Go Bold

Going bold doesn’t necessarily mean going with a loud colour. If you are not one for bright colours and prefer the neutral side of things, you can simply add a bold texture that will still go with your neutral colour scheme, like in the picture on the right, above.

If you prefer bright colours, then go with blue or teal that’s currently the colour of the season. Make sure not to place these colours in your bedroom though, as scientists have proven that looking at shades of blue will keep your mind active, making it harder to relax before you fall asleep due to the decrease in melatonin levels in your body, a hormone that makes you drowsy and kicks in your sleep cycle.

The Eco Wall


Although slightly more expensive, these eco walls add a lot of character to your house. By adding an eco wall in your home, it brightens things up while at the same time improving the indoor air quality as it absorbs carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.
Other pros of having an eco wall is that plants absorb heat, making the air cooler in the house, absorb sound from the traffic outside your home and has a low maintenance cost while at the same time saving energy which in turn, lowers your utility bill!

However, keep in mind that they do still require watering, trimming and replanting regularly. These eco walls might also attract insects and might encourage the growth of mold if moisture is not controlled.

Creative Ceilings


Bored with those plain old ceilings? Try out different molds & designs that will make your ceilings pop! This can be done using wood, cement or even both like in the image in the middle.

Outdoor Feature Wall


An outdoor feature wall can create a whole new atmosphere for your outdoor area, whether big or small. If your outdoor area feels too small for you, add a horizontal feature wall that extends up, and not across the whole width of the wall (as in the picture on the far left). This will create the illusion that there is more space in the area.
Having a feature wall with a bold pattern will create a different feel, it will be more oriental and to make things even more tropical, add some greenery to it.
Want something even more special? Extend the same wall that goes from the interior into your outdoor space. This will make the outdoor space look more chic and create an illusion that your home or outdoor space is much bigger than it is, by making the two areas combine into one even bigger one.

Bookcase Partitions & Screens


Walls are so 2013.
Try seperating two different spaces in your home using book case partitions or screens. These partitions will still act as a room separator, but will also add to the design in your home.

Wood Staircases


These beautiful staircases, especially when made of wood, can add a touch of the outdoors to your home. They may look intimidating in a way that it may change the whole feel of the design that you want for your home, but the truth is, whether your home is new or old, wood staircases complements your home because of its natural touch.


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