Having a nice bathroom is essential. Not only will it be nice for your guests, it also tends to have an effect on your mood; If you have a bathroom that’s too grotty or plain for your liking, getting ready for work or a nice night out can be dispiriting. Here are some bathroom trends that can inspire your bathroom up-do!

Bathrooms for 2

If you and your partner are always trying to get ready for work at the same time in the morning, this might be for you. Having double sinks / double showers can be useful as you won’t have to race to the bathroom every single day. Con: if you don’t sort out your plumbing, you may end up having lower water pressure or a not very warm shower every time the two of you get in at the same time!

Colour Grout


Having your grout coloured can change the feel of your bathroom entirely. For example, if you’re not a big fan of the eclectic concept because it’s too loud for your liking, have your grout be coloured in yellow instead for a more subtle impact. If you prefer the more classic look, go for a black coloured grout to emphasise the white wall tiles.

Elect for Eclectic


If you’re a morning person, or simply love the burst of energy eclectic-themed rooms give, then this might be for you. Bright and outstanding colours like yellow can give your small space a lift, and can improve your mood in the morning even if you’re not a morning person. However, if you don’t have much natural light and your bathroom is tiny, it won’t get the same feel as it will feel too clustered. Be careful not to overdo it.



This theme is great for industrial chic themed homes. Not only do they look great and impressive, they’re easy to manage as well, as most of it is or mimics raw materials. Also, there are a variety of materials you can choose from instead of the usual brick wall. Opt for darker coloured walls (like in the image above of the far right), and instead of having a lamp, use exposed light bulbs instead. The great thing about exposed light bulbs? They are a good light source when you want to put your make up on!

Unconventional Lighting


Complement the theme of your bathroom by adding unconventional lighting that makes a statement. You can go either way with this one. You can go soft like in the image on the left or go bold like the other two, it’s totally up to you!

The Sunken Tub & The Platform Shower



The sunken tub and the platform shower can make your bathroom feel very luxurious, without overdoing it with other things like the chandelier, which tends to be more common than it should. Like them both? Get your shower raised onto a platform and add a sunken bathroom on the platform but make sure that it’s far away enough so that it won’t be a safety hazard. Another important note is to have the surfaces not too smooth so you don’t slip.

Wood & Light


A classic look that can bring out an even better side in many different themes, whether it’d be Scandinavian, asian tropical, industrial chic or modern contemporary.Wood gives the room a more cozy and warm feel. So if you’re worried, for instance, when your bathroom is industrial themed, you can soften it up with recycled wood. Be careful to get the right coat on the wood in your bathroom or you might end up with steam-soaked wood!

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