More and more condominiums and even some HDB flats are coming equipped with bay windows in bedrooms. To some, they are becoming a pain as it results in wasted space in the apartment that can’t really be used for much and with apartments being smaller than before, you want to utilise as much space as possible. Here are some tips that you can use to spruce up that space waste, without minimising the natural light that brightens up your home.

1. Use It As A Dresser


Purchase or hire a carpenter to design a drawer that fits the base of your bay window. You can also use organizers to section the drawer (if not customized) to organize what you want to place in the designated drawer.

2.  Book Shelf


For this, you can either choose to get a carpenter to help you make a book shelf within the base of the bay window or purchase a shelf that fits the dimensions of your bay window to place it on top of the bay window.  Also, if you are hiring a interior designer, you can choose to  build a bookshelf surrounding the  bay window and transform the base of the bay window into a reading area.

3. Lounge


Even if you have no desire to use the bay window for anything such as storage or a book shelf, you can still add seating on the bay window to complement and/or to cosy up your home.

4. Convert it into a bed!


If you have a bay window that is large enough, you can turn it into a bed! Simply place the right sized mattress on the bay window and you can add shelves to place your devices.  Another option is to have the bay window done into the head of a bed that can be extended from it, and this option will definitely require you to hire an interior designer and/or carpenter

This will create more living space within the room and you can even create shelves on the side of the head of the bed for charging your devices, lamp placement and an alarm clock.

5. Create or add onto a dining set


If you have a bay window in your living or kitchen area in the house, you can hire an interior designer to do up a makeshift seating area that you can add a dining table to, or if the space is big enough, you can do up the whole bay window to be your dining area.

7. Turn it into a study 

Turn your bay window area into a study. This would require you to hire someone to hack the bay window if it already exists. You can now have a study in your room that doesn’t obstruct the existing available living space.

6.  Extra Storage 


Already short on space in your apartment? Create drawers or storage areas within the bay window base to create an extra storage space in your apartment. If you want to decorate the top of your bay window with decor or as a seating area, you can add drawers at the bottom of the base of the bay window.

If you are not using the bay window for anything besides storage, you can create a bigger storage area by having the storage be accessible from the top of the bay window base.

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