First post on our blog! Let’s talk about our office. We call it an office because that’s where we work at, but this place doubles up as a showroom as well. We have a fully functional kitchen, an awesome wash closet and a spacious area to house some of the furniture we’ve handpicked from furniture shows both in Singapore and abroad. But like hamsters, we like to crowd and squeeze on this 4-seater table, talking about how cold the office is.

Before we go on about the current Eightytwo Office, here’s how it used to be:


And now!


Yup, that’s the table we’re currently crowding on.

A lot has been done to this transformation and the bottom line we want to bring across is that no matter an office or your home, spend your time in somewhere that you will be inspired and proud to call your own. If you feel you want to makeover your space, we would love to help.

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