With over ten years of experience in interior design, Terence does not believe in being boxed in by labels and conventions. He set out to change the public’s perception of interior design when he started EightyTwo by going against industry convention, focusing on design so that others would accord more respect to the trade.

To him, the hallmark of a good designer is his fluidity and dynamic ability in melding a client’s needs with his own professionalism and creativity to manifest ideas into reality. He fully subscribes to Eames’ saying – “The details are not the details. They make the design” – a subtle splash of colour, playful combination of textures, careful selection of materials, or thoughtful little touches to enhance ergonomics – the harmonious amalgamation of such details, together with efficient space planning, can make the dullest spaces come to live.

While interior design is his passion, he is also ardent in his drive to nurture a team of humble, like-minded designers who are serious about elevating interior design into a respectable art form and profession. He dreams of building a global team one day, leveraging the experiences and cultures of one another to broaden their design horizons.

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