With over ten years of experience in interior design, Terence does not believe in being boxed in by labels and conventions. He set out to change the public’s perception of interior design when he started EightyTwo by going against industry conventions, focusing on design so that others would accord more respect to the trade.

To him, the hallmark of a good designer is his fluidity and dynamic ability in melding a client’s needs with his own professionalism and creativity to manifest ideas into reality. He fully subscribes to Eames’ saying – “The details are not the details. They make the design” – a subtle splash of colour, playful combination of textures, careful selection of materials, or thoughtful little touches to enhance ergonomics – the harmonious amalgamation of such details, together with efficient space planning, can make the dullest spaces come to life.

While interior design is his passion, he is also ardent in his drive to nurture a team of humble, like-minded designers who are serious about elevating interior design into a respectable art form and profession. He dreams of building a global team one day, leveraging the experiences and cultures of one another to broaden their design horizons.
Sen Ern 

Ern has over 8 years of experience in high-end commercial and residential projects. Throughout his career, he has designed alongside Award-winning firms such as Peter Tay Studio and Formwerkz Architects on projects ranging from whimsical private lounges, slow living cafes, high tech shopping malls to intelligent co-working workspaces.

He thinks of design as contemporary poetry filtered through a sieve of traditional values to create spaces with a sense of belonging, embodied with technological experiences. Ern credits his streamlined aesthetic to his favourite designers, including Peter Zumthor, Tadao Ando, and Oki Sato.

Ern enjoys his time in contemplative moments, watching design channels or movies with well-crafted cinematography or reading books by Haruki Murakami.
Charles (1)
Charles Chai
Interior Designer

Since completing his BA in Interior Design from the University of Derby, Charles has honed his skills and participated in many award-winning projects. Thriving in this creative environment, Charles continues to broaden his horizons by exploring various materials, colours and patterns, drawing inspirations to create beautiful projects that resonate both form and function. He hopes that this journey will bring him beyond the local borders, where he will partake in international projects in the next 3 to 5 years. Beyond his work at EightyTwo, he pursues his passion in fine arts with drawing and painting.
Glenn Toh 
Interior Designer

Glenn graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, from the Glasgow School of Art Singapore. Inspired by the ethos that good design resonates and speaks for itself, he embarked on his journey with the philosophy that all homes should be pragmatic yet safe and intimate sanctuaries for their users. Glenn firmly believes in being open-minded and keeping a lookout for fresh perspectives in radical concepts that can transcend modern-day design barriers. Meticulous and dedicated to his line of work, Glenn applies the same school of thought to his personal goal to grow and achieve milestones in tandem with the closely knitted team he considers his second family.
Ruth Ponnie Tan 
Interior Designer

One of the senior members and award-winning designers of the EightyTwo team, Ruth is passionate and known to be design-centric; her take on design is often bold and adventurous – pushing the envelope and breaking boundaries on cliché design principles. After spending years in fashion design, her love for interior and architecture has led her to complete her Diploma in Interior Design from NAFA, fulfilling her childhood dream to work and be part of the design team at EightyTwo. Ruth often steps out of her comfort zone, embodies the design challenges she faces, overcomes them with her personality – rewarding her clients with designs that are not just beautiful but also one-of-a-kind.
Alex Wee 
Project Manager

As the team’s longest-serving member, Alex is a familiar face at EightyTwo, holding a BA in Business Management from RMIT. Throughout his extensive career, Alex shares his wealth of design implementations and technical expertise. He often prides himself in providing solutions and creative ideas, proving to be an asset to his clients and team. Starting as an Interior Designer, Alex has since moved on to a Project Manager role where expertise from an Interior Designer is much needed. To him, seeing the projects from start to end brings about immense satisfaction, witnessing designs taking form and transforming houses to homes.