We aim to curate understated luxury and poetic spaces, connecting people and nature.

Inspired by Alvar Aalto’s take on beauty, our design philosophy is Harmony. Good design is not merely the artistic expression or inspired musings of our designers. It is a product of a long and carefully curated process that distils the multi-faceted needs of our clients, melding that with our understanding of basic human behaviours and infusing our touches of creativity and flair. The result? Designs that perfectly balance purpose and form. 

Defying labels, debunking conventions, and transcending trends – EightyTwo designs are the distilled essence of people and how they live. Everything you touch, feel, and perceive is the metamorphism of a long, tedious creative process and a carefully curated collection of artistic decisions. Just like our name, our designs are open-ended, allowing for multiple interpretations, a symbolic representation of our creativity.

We create high-end understated luxury interiors for residential and commercial projects in Singapore and around the globe.

EightyTwo’s design expertise is encapsulated in three concepts: 

  • EightyTwo – Interior Design Consultancy
  • Untitled – Interior Design & Build 
  • TOO – Interior Styling
Through these three concepts, we hope to make good interior design not just a good to have, but a way of life for all.