WALK-UP APARTMENT |   SIZE : 1200 sqft
By combining elements of luxury design with the longstanding industrial trend, an entirely new look that epitomises style and sophistication is curated for this Stangee Place apartment. The artistic approach places an emphasis on uniting contrasting furniture pieces that clash and complement – merging metal finishings, exposed brick, raw wood, luxurious textures and muted colour palettes to give that unfinished look. These design elements and refined details come together to form a sophisticated elegance, bringing a sense of luxe and comfort to rigid industrial interiors. Warm lighting is used to add a softer edge to the luxe-industrial hybrid interiors, adding a sense of homeliness to the environment. The warm lighting compliments the luxurious elements of the space, adding a more delicate touch to the raw interiors. This home exhibits a luxurious sense of seamlessness, with each detail and furniture thoroughly crafted to perfection to showcase the union of industrial elements with luxury design.