CONDOMINIUM  |   SIZE : 2000 sqft
Located in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), this recently revamped apartment in Wallich Residences is an ode to understated luxury. With breathtaking views overlooking the city, this apartment is designed to exude serenity and inspire contemplative moments. Paired with contemporary, minimalist sculpturesque furniture and objects that echo the natural landscape formations, this apartment is a sanctuary in the sky.
Wallich Residences
Minimalistically aesthetic with clean silhouettes and sculptural forms, the interior is inspired by the natural beauty of Cycladic landscape, enveloped in a warm earthy palette with natural materials featuring painted textured walls, marbles, and light timber panels.

The communal spaces house a collection of sculptural furniture pieces, objects, and artworks that resemble the terranean landscape, each reflecting the essence and craftsmanship of sculpting.
Wallich Residences
The use of natural elements extends into the bedroom, with wallcovering inspired by the silhouette of tree branches, the sand terrain on the area rug and pendant lights similar to crystals in the cave, providing a subtle, warm glow to the side tables taking form from boulders.

In continuation of the home’s colour scheme, classic beige travertine clads the master bathroom. The heterogeneous walls blend seamlessly with the natural solid surfaces and fluted tiles, imbuing the house with grandeur and timelessness.