The concept of using bricks in homes has really picked up and while we suspect this trend is still going to be around for a while, let’s explore the ways we can change the look of interiors with bricks.

1. Leave it natural and untouched: Out of all of the construction materials, brick is one of the few that can be left untouched and still remain beautiful after generations of wear and tear. The natural appeal of brick is timeless.

2. Brick in different forms: Bricks can come in a variety of aesthetic features for different design options in your home. Bricks come in a variety of rough textures to resemble natural forms, and can be laid in random or patterned formats.

3. Disguise the colour, keep the texture: While natural brick is beautiful on its own, so is the texture. In renovations or interior design makeovers, bricks that are damaged or have unsightly stains can be painted to revive the look of the walls.

4. Use brick as a back drop: For a clean and sophisticated look, use bricks as backdrop for wall art, paintings, and sculptures. Bricks can be used as an accent wall or it can be paired with other exposed materials to give a room a rustic yet contemporary feel. The rustic charm of bricks add a modern touch to any living s

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