Wallpaper! We love wallpaper and all the goodness that comes with it: it personalises our space and brings our walls to life in a way unachievable with plain old paint. We’ve been asked a lot by our clients about the durability and maintenance of wallpaper so we’ve decided to help you out with 3 simple questions:

1. Do you have angels at home?

By angels we mean children and pets. As much as we love them, they may be the biggest threat to the life span of your wallpaper. Crayon colouring and deliberate scratching could damage your beautiful walls.

2. Do you have commitment issues?

If you are easily tired of your walls or tend to redo them frequently, removing wallpaper is more expensive and a greater hassle.

3. Will your walls be exposed to constant humidity?

Humidity could cause wallpaper to peel off slowly over time.

If you answered no to all 3 questions, congratulations! Your walls look pretty wallpaper-friendly. If not, don’t fret. Now you know the main limitations, discuss it with the people you’re living with and know that at the end of the day, it is your home, be happy with it!

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